Consider Going?

Considering your first trip???

One of the most precious benefits of being a dental professional is the opportunity to be of service to the dentally underprivileged throughout the world. Most dentists are financially successful enough to give up a week or two of practice income, so that less fortunate individuals can receive the treatment they desperately need. Benefits of involvement in dental mission trips include:

  • the opportunity to put one’s professional skills to good use
  • the appreciation of needy patients, who often have nowhere else to turn for treatment
  • the opportunity for a meaningful cross-cultural experience
  • freedom from the western pace of life
  • increased development of surgical skills
  • greater awareness of the blessings that our country has to offer
  • development of a more global perspective on life
  • opportunity to re-evaluate our personal priorities

Dental mission trips can be of various degrees of difficulty, based on several factors, such as the following:

  • Do you speak the language of your patients?
  • Will the treatment occur in an existing dental clinic?
  • Are special vaccinations required for the area in which you will e working?
  • Are the living conditions relatively comfortable?
  • Is the food and water safe?
  • Will there be an experienced missionary dentist on the team?
  • Are there medical facilities nearby?
  • How difficult is travel to the target area?
  • Are the available equipment and instruments sufficient?

For the beginning missionary dentist, the above items are important considerations. As one’s missionary dental experience increases, more difficult trips with less ideal circumstances become more possible.

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