Welcome to Your Dental Mission Trip Headquarters!

The purpose of this web site is to equip and inspire dental professionals to help the needy around the world. Whether you are a veteran of many trip or are contemplating your first trip, you will find helpful information here, along with an extensive and ever-growing list of available upcoming trips.

We hope this website will prove to be invaluable to those wishing to learn more about attending or supporting these annual mission trips, as well as those interested in just reading about past and present trips in the “Trip Journals” section of the website.

The Christian Dental Society (CDS) has been equipping and inspiring Christian dentists to treat the needy for almost five decades. This organization gives American dentists, students and auxiliaries the opportunity to serve in locations around the globe, including places were dental care is almost nonexistent.

Our Mission

Founded by Dr. William Griffin, dentalmissiontrips.com is designed to provide a constant, current database of opportunities for dental service around the world. Dr. Griffin has been active in volunteer care since 2001 and he spends several weeks every year in places like Jamaica, Nigeria, and Haiti. In Dr. Griffin’s words, “I realize dentistry’s true worth when I give it away.”

Having experienced the benefits of missions work firsthand, Dr. Griffin hopes this site will help you connect with a trip and have a positive journey of your own. Check out the FAQ tab to help determine which trip is right for you, and feel free to browse the Media section to see pictures from past trips and watch video testimonials from real volunteers.